Yeah, there’s junk in my life.  And I did get rid of it.  Thanks to the “New Order” and whatever that’s supposed to mean.  The first thing I had to clean out of my house was all my Bibles.  Also, anything that had anything to do with western theology or Christianity.  Of course there were the obvious things – the crosses, the plaques, cards I’d kept from friends and family.  But then, then I found out I had to get rid of all my books!  Can you believe it, Blog Diary?  BOOKS!  All my precious, precious books!  Unless they had to do with Islam, again whatever that’s supposed to mean, and no I didn’t have any, and yes I had to get rid of over two hundred!  Geez.  You don’t think they’re going to come to my house and check if I really did all these things, do you?   Holly


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