September 30, 2016

Daily Prompt:  Where would I want to be if I could be anywhere else.


Dear Blog Diary.  I know it’s been weeks since I’ve been able to write to you.  My mom said these daily prompts she found somewhere on the internet might help me be able to adjust to the “New Order”.  She’s halfways right.  I like to write and all, and it’s helping me sort out some thoughts, but I’m more miserable than ever.  I always thought the United States of America would win every war and that freedom would prevail in all aspects of our lives, both personal and political.  Boy, was I wrong.

I don’t think I wrote it here, but back in 2013 is when I think a lot of it started.  The US government got all caught up in this quagmire of what everyone thought was going to be wonderful, free healthcare for all!!  Wow!  Gee!  Hurray!  (as I sit here writing, watching people starving, writhing and dying from unknown diseases and skin plagues outside my bedroom window), and while they were doing that (being distracted and whatnot) a whole different story was developing across the seas that no one seemed to notice.

Oh my gosh.  I forgot about the prompt.  Mom said to always stay on prompt.  Where would I want to be?  Where else is there?   The Netherlands?  Venezuela?  Egypt?  Mexico?  Hahahahahaha.  I wish you could hear me laughing.  Maybe Canada.  Yeah, Canada.  It’s so cold up there and such a wasteland (but pretty I suppose) that no one from the new government has bothered yet with them.  That’s where I want to be.  In the middle of nowhere with a little wooden cabin and a ton of firewood.  And fish.  And deer meat.  And seasonings.  And my books.  ALL my books.  And my Bible!  Oh my Bible.  Let’s keep that secret.  For now.  Holly


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