Isn’t that funny that today’s Daily Prompt (and my last probably) has to do with how “Clothes Make the Woman”.   That’s what I was going to start out with anyway.  First they (the New Order) took away my swim classes at college, saying we were exposing too much skin!  It was swimming!!  Now, they’ve got us in these full-length burqas (black of course) that I can’t even breathe in!  As a side note quick, I remember all those Hollister jackets and Abercrombie sweaters I wanted so bad last year for my first year at University but I didn’t have all the hundreds of dollars they were going to cost me.  Now they’re on the underground (we call it “UG”) for trade..usually chocolate..and not much of it either.  Those clothes are really of no use except here at home and who cares what I’m wearing at home.  I’d rather keep my chocolate.  They hand it out for birthdays and my brother is allergic so I have his and I’m keeping it (for you know when)!

I think things are getting really, really bad.  I haven’t seen my best friend, Marilyn, for almost two weeks.  Someone said they thought they heard her screaming in the middle of the night, like she was being carried away or something.  Her family’s gone too.  I know she used to like this guy (who was married and I know that’s wrong, but).  I just hope and pray they’re all right.  Maybe they just had to go through re-training like some of my other classmates had to do.

My mom runs around the house just trying to keep everybody happy.  Her and my dad’s relationship has really changed too.  She follows him around asking if there’s anything else he needs (like we have it).  She keeps her head real low and tells me to do the same.  When they come around and give us our coins (some new money everybody got and not much of that either) she goes out to Market and buys some weird pasty hummus I don’t like.  Well.  I USED to not like it.  Now I love it.  I have to.  I’m hungry.

My brother, M (I don’t want to say his full name) has been organizing some pretty cool stuff with his “posse'” he calls it.  Another side note.  Geez, there’s a lot of new words.  Anyway, he says he’s going to get a bunch of guys to retaliate.  Of course none of us think that’s a good idea.  But he’s smart and strong and he’ll figure it out.  Hopefully.

We’ve been trying to trade most of our stuff on the UG because winter’s coming and we won’t have a furnace this year.  Dad thought he could try to find some wood somewhere.  I’m praying for that, too.  It’s early enough and I think he has a head start on everybody else.

One last thing.  I’ve been using this computer at a friend of a friend’s house who gets on the internet I have no idea how and he has some electricity and I have no idea how, but he told me to forget about doing anything electronically anymore as he thinks the Order is catching on to him.  He even gave me a note to give to his girlfriend if something ever happens to him.

So yeah, Blog Diary, the clothes DO NOT make the woman.  I am still me.  Inside.  I will not give up.  I will fight for what is right but I have to figure out what’s going on first.  This has all taken everybody here in the US by storm, literally, and I’m laying low until the time is right.

Good bye for now (and maybe ever).  I love you and I love my country. Holly


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