Forgiveness is NOT About YOU!


Today I want to talk about forgiveness.  I am going to do it from the new age perspective of it and conversely with the Biblical aspects of it.  I am not going to look up specific verses and quote them, I am only going to do them from memory.

The new age perspective of forgiveness teaches us to forgive because it makes US feel better – because if WE let it go then we will feel better and be a better person because of it.  If someone has wronged us in the past or is wronging us now we should forgive them because “it takes up space in our brain” or “makes us unable to move on”.  WRONG.

If we forgive solely on the above what we are in essence doing is something again in the ME/ME category of emotions.  That is not forgiveness at all.  That is soothing ourselves so we feel above the situation and able to overcome.

When Christ was about to take his last breath on the cross, did He not say, “Forgive them (God) for they know not what they do?”  Was Christ then trying to make Himself feel better?  Or was He actually, from the bottom of His heart, wanting God to forgive them because HE cared about THEM and their well-being?  YES!

Regardless if a person literally asks for forgiveness themselves or we choose to forgive them, we must forgive them the way Christ instructs us.  For then, and only then, will true forgiveness happen, and then, and only then, will we be able to move forward.

In no way whatsoever are we supposed to forgive for our own purposes.  Do not listen to a pastor, a book, a blog or any other person tell you that forgiveness is for yourself.

When a man asked Jesus, “How many times must I forgive my fellow man?” (or something to that effect), Christ answered “70 times 7) in other words, over and over and over again.  For they, my dear readers, KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.

When you screw up (as I do 70×7) I keep expecting God to forgive me.  And He does.  He does it because He loves us.  And most often, even if we kind of know what we do we really don’t.  You see, we don’t know how we’re hurting Him or others around us.  It hurts God to see us in pain (but we must go through pain to strengthen ourselves and straighten our ways and make them holy..remember my other post, “Where is God”.

Today, TODAY, forgive those who have hurt you.  Not because it will make you feel better (it will however) but simply because THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.  Do it out of love for your fellow man not for selfish reasons.

Have a great and forgiving day! ❤


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